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Plan Your Move More Effectively!

Moving to a new home is exciting, but it can require a lot of work and can cause a great deal of stress. You can reduce both, however, by effectively planning out your move with a simple list of things to do when moving house. In most cases, you should have ample time to plan for your upcoming move, and it’s best to start your move preparation as early as possible. Simply doing a small bit of preparation each week makes moving even the largest family that much less daunting.

Moving List: What to Do Over One Month Before the Move

First, start making appointments with your trusted local removalists, cleaners, and anyone else whose services you may require. Many of these services get booked-up quickly, so make sure that you get in touch with them at the earliest possible instance to secure the times and dates you want.

If you plan on packing yourself, you should start getting supplies together for packing, including tape and cleaning supplies. Organise your possessions for easy packing and transport, and use smaller, dedicated boxes for heavier items. Alternatively consider a pre-packing service where experts will take care of this for you on the day before the move, taking the burden off your hands.

Make a list of what you will need and who you will need to contact in the month leading up to the move, including:

Australia Post

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Moving List: Four Weeks Prior to the Move

Start packing items not needed for daily life. You should also make important decisions on what to move to the new home and what to discard. In most cases, those moving want to discard clothing and furniture that no longer meets their needs. Have a yard sale, list items on Gumtree, eBay or Facebook Marketplace, or call a charity to take unwanted, but still usable, items off your hands.

Also take care of any club or other organisational memberships in the area you are leaving.

Moving List: Two Weeks Prior to the Move

At this point, start taking care of switching over services and utilities. Call power, phone, water, and internet providers, as well as any other utilities that you will need to disconnect at your current house and reconnect at the new place.

Also fill out mail forwarding information with Australia Post.

Moving List: One Week Prior to the Move

Now you should start packing everything that you absolutely do not need on an everyday basis. Arrange for delivery of your unlimited free boxes and start loading them up with your possessions. Begin with the nonessential items such as out of season clothing, books, dish sets, and other goods that do not see regular use.

Make sure that you pack any combustibles, such as oil, cleaning supplies, lighter fluid, etc. separately. Most removalists will not take these items in their moving truck, so you need to arrange separate transport.

Items, such as grills and lawn equipment, that contain fuel and/or oil must be drained and cleaned.

Also do a final check to make sure that nothing gets left behind. This includes clothes at the dry cleaners, items used at your workplace, and anything borrowed by friends.

Finally, prepare separate boxes with essential day to day items, such as clothes, toiletries, children’s toys, etc.

In the Final Days

Moving day is coming soon. Make sure that packing gets done well in advance of the last possible day. Plan ahead of time with work, or with other responsibilities, so you leave ample time to get organised.

With almost everything packed, make sure that you start early on the final cleaning. Empty, wipe down, and defrost refrigerators and freezers. Make sure that all keys are ready to hand over to the real estate company, landlord or the new owners.

On moving day, itself, make sure to confirm with your removalist where they must pick up and drop off your possessions, as well as access information and any constraints. It’s a good idea to reconfirm your mobile number and new address details with the crew on the day.

In the unlikely event you notice any damage as the crew unloads the truck, point it out so the issue can be rectified on the spot. Let the team know where to put your boxes, bags, and furniture for efficient unpacking. Also take care of any changes of addresses necessary for mail, drivers’ licences, and other important concerns.

Bonus Moving Tips:

Prior to giving you a breakdown on what you need to consider when moving home, here are a few more “bonus tips” you can consider in this moving home checklist:

Label All Packing Boxes Appropriately to Make It Easier to Find Items When Unpacking.

Put Aside Any Essential Documents Such as Passports, Insurance policies, Financial Documents That You Might Need During or After Moving Day.

Take Advantage of Moving and Clear Out Any Clutter You Don’t Need for Your Next Move.

If You’re Taking Your Fridge/Freezer with You, Make Sure It Is Properly Thawed Out Prior To Your Move.

Make Your Move a Breeze

Having a detailed moving house checklist prepares for moving homes much easier, for everyone involved. A stress-free or at least a stress-reduced move is your reward and will make moving feel like a breeze.

Home, Office, Country & Interstate Removals Near Me